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Why you shouldn’t delay booking your 2021 wedding!

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The world around us is shifting as we deal with both the immediate and long-term effects of the coronavirus outbreak. 2020 will forever be remembered as the year when the world – quite literally stood still for a while having a massive impact on global economies, jobs, education and, of course, the events industry.

Unfortunately for many couples around the world, the outbreak of the coronavirus in Spring 2020 has given them no choice but to postpone their weddings sadly, something no couple ever wants to do, and yet something that has become almost the norm in this unprecedented time, and a reality for many wedding couples.

Their solution has been to pick another date in 2021, shifting all their plans, and having to effectively start again sending out new invites.

But what does that mean for new 2021 Brides-to-be who had their heart set on a wedding next year? In short, it means the competition for that ideal wedding date in 2021 has just grown – significantly!

If you have attended a wedding or been part of someone else’s wedding plans in the past, you will already have some understanding about the different elements of a wedding which need to be booked. From the wedding photographer to the wedding bands for hire; the wedding cake, the decorations, and the all-important venue and registrar/church – all of these things need to be booked nice and early, with many often becoming booked up more than a year and a half in advance.

The Challenge

Couples whose weddings were already earmarked for 2021 now have the struggle of finding their ideal dates and suppliers because there is a sudden lack of premium dates and suppliers due to the coronavirus outbreak. We have spoken to a few couples who have said they are struggling to get the dates and suppliers they originally wanted for 2021 due to the current situation.

The challenge we now face as wedding suppliers is the sudden rise in weddings being moved to 2021 essentially filling our calendars for next year’s wedding season before we have even started on this year’s.

So, what can those of you getting married in 2021 do to overcome these challenges, and what should you be doing right now to make sure your own wedding plans aren’t impacted?

Let’s Start With The Wedding Venue.

Spring and Summer is prime wedding season – there is no escaping this. The idea of a wedding album full of beautiful flowers and bright sunshine shining down on you and your wedding guests is a vision that every Bride-to-be has for her big day, and it is this reason which tends to steer wedding planners towards those warmer months.

However, with so many 2020 weddings being moved, the venues are starting to fill their diaries ahead of schedule – and that unfortunately will have an impact for many months to come on new 2021 couples.

And it’s not just venues! A wedding is a symphony of different suppliers and plans coming together as one to form a beautiful masterpiece, and so moving one element means moving everything! When it comes to wedding band hire, for example, we are already filling those Spring and Summer Saturday’s for 2021 and this was prior to the coronavirus. Now with the extra date moves required by our 2020 spring couples, availability on Saturday’s in 2021 is becoming thin and it doesn’t look set to slow down anytime soon.

So What Can You Do?

One way to get around the long-term effect of coronavirus, is to consider a wedding outside of these prime and supremely popular summery months. For anyone who has enjoyed a Hallmark Christmas movie or really any Wintery romcom, you will be fully aware that Winter is one of the most romantic seasons of the year. Warm fires, hot chocolate dates and the potential for snow… what could be more idyllic? So why not capitalise on it, and plan a Winter wedding fit for a movie set?

Having said that we completely understand a winter wedding is not everyone’s cup of tea, even I don't like the cold! So, if you still have your heart set on a warmer season for your wedding how about getting married in the Spring? The fact is weddings out of season are much cheaper especially when it comes to booking your wedding venue, so you may want to consider it. A Spring wedding in March or April can be much cheaper and many venues and some other wedding suppliers could offer dates at a reduced price. April and May can be really beautiful and sunny too, just look at the weather charts for the last few years, (just be aware that some of your wedding guests may want to go away in May due to the two bank holidays so bear that in mind).

Spring is a really beautiful time to tie the knot just as the daffodils and tulips come into bloom, it's the season of rebirth when all of nature starts to blossom! September is also a great time to get married in the UK, we have been known to have an Indian Summer every now and then which keeps the perfect Summer weather going, and you don't even have to pay a premium price, not too shabby eh!

Which Day Should You Get Married?

Another way you can avoid the crowded 2021 wedding season is to re-consider the day you decide to tie the knot. For obvious reasons, Saturday is the big one, the most requested day. It’s the weekend, your guests have the Sunday to recover, and it’s probably everyone’s favourite day of the week. But it’s not the only option!

A little-known fact outside of the wedding industry is that Saturday’s can often come with a premium price package. From venues to suppliers; wedding musicians to caterers; a Saturday in the Summer is gold dust, and the industry expects you to pay for it as it is a time of high demand!

Our advice is to consider looking at Fridays, Sundays, or even another weekday for your 2021 wedding, we have found that Thursdays were quite popular last year. Any weekday wedding may come at a discounted price and are more likely to be more available especially after the increase in postponed bookings this year. One great hack is to arrange your wedding for the Sunday on a bank holiday weekend allowing your guests the freedom of Bank Holiday Monday to recover. Clever, right?

The chart below gives you an idea of the best days to aim for when planning your 2021 wedding during the key summer and spring months.

The chart below gives a really great visual interpretation of the impact seasons have on weddings; allowing you to compare the potential price hikes or discounts depending on the time of year and the day of the week.

The fact is weddings out of season are much cheaper especially when it comes to booking your wedding venue, so you may want to consider it, a wedding in Spring can also be really beautiful just as the daffodils and tulips come into bloom!

It all comes down to this – the early bird really does catch the worm, especially in the wedding industry and even more so now after the COVID-19 pandemic there is much more competition for dates now, so start your wedding planning now, get searching and requesting quotes from your favourite wedding suppliers, don’t delay or you may be disappointed.

Ideally you need to be requesting quotes at least 12 – 18 months in advance of your wedding date in order to have the pick of your favourite wedding suppliers and your preferred date, especially when it comes to booking your wedding venue, registrar/church, wedding caterer, wedding photographer and which wedding band to hire etc.

If you are struggling to find wedding bands in West Midlands or other wedding suppliers that can cater to your needs for a 2021 wedding, either due to changes in existing plans or fully booked schedules, we have a great list of recommended suppliers whom we have worked with time and time again, and would be happy to share them with you when you get in touch with us for an enquiry.

The important thing to remember is to keep well amid the coronavirus outbreak, keep calm and don’t panic about your 2021 wedding plans even if you haven’t booked anything yet, use this time to get organised. Get in touch with your UK wedding suppliers and discuss your options, and have faith that calm will be restored soon.

Wishing you all good luck with your 2021 wedding planning! Let us know what wedding days/months you are leaning towards in the comments or share with us on Instagram or Facebook!

Team Tru Groove. xx


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